WE ARE is about the children of our place and their connections to culture.

Kids join a workshop to paint their reflection, add to an exhibition that celebrates identity, and watch performances by our youngest first nations citizens that reflect their deep cultural connections in this contemporary world.

WE ARE is a collaboration with Flowstate a vibrant, temporary open-air pavilion and creative space at Brisbane's South Bank, placing children and their voices right at the centre of our public spaces.

To book for WE ARE please visit the Flowstate website.

Book via Flowstate

Please note: WE ARE is located at Flowstate, South Bank, a short 15 minute walk from the main Out of the Box festival site at QPAC.

Out of the Box festival offers opportunities for children to engage in arts-rich experiences to explore and extend in-class literacy and learning. Teachers can deepen their student’s engagement with and experience of the festival by talking to them about the different in-theatre experiences, workshops and activities before, during and after their day.

To help with this, the Out of the Box festival team has prepared numerous Creative Learning Guides which link the in-theatre experiences, activities and workshops at the festival with the Early Years Learning Framework and the Australian Curriculum (Version 8). Key messages, learning activities and other resources are also included.

The Creative Learning Guide for WE ARE will be available soon to download.

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