Corka Bubs

Bring your little one to their first ever performance – an Aboriginal contemporary dance work created just for them.

Designed specifically for very young children, Our Corka Bubs is a gentle and interactive 'play'formance that combines captivating storytelling with movement and music.

Made by renowned South Australian Aboriginal choreographer Gina Rings and grounded in Australia’s First Nation’s culture, the performance uses gentle motifs and gestural dance along with traditional live and recorded sounds. This mixture creates a gently interactive and transformative work paying attention to children’s need to explore the world and to feel secure.

It's an extraordinary opportunity for parents and carers to connect with their little ones through a shared theatre experience.

Out of the Box festival offers opportunities for children to engage in arts-rich experiences to explore and extend in-class literacy and learning. Parents and Early Years Teachers can deepen young people’s engagement with and experience of the festival by talking to them about the different in-theatre experiences, workshops and activities before, during and after their day.

To help with this, the Out of the Box festival team has prepared numerous Creative Learning Guides which link the in-theatre experiences, activities and workshops at the festival with the Early Years Learning Framework. Key messages, learning activities and other resources are also included.

The Creative Learning Guide for Our Corka Bubs can be downloaded here

Our Corka Bubs was based on This [Baby] Life by Sally Chance Dance and was originally produced in association with Country Arts SA

Presented by Out of the Box
An Insite Arts Production

Artist Credits

Choreographer & Director: Gina Rings (Kukatha)
Composer: Heather Frahn
Co-composer and Performer: Owen Love (Ngarrindjeri)
Dancers: Taree Sansbury* (Ngarrindjeri/Narungga) & Caleena Sansbury (Ngarrindjeri/Narungga)
Stage Manager and Sound Operator: Susie Skinner
Creative Consultant: Sally Chance