Madame Lark

See Madame Lark with her musical-saw as she takes vocal flight at Out of the Box.

Madame Lark’s childhood was what you'd call peculiar. Her spot of synesthesia meant boring old objects became imbued with sound.

Naturally, she’s turned this into a talent where she can whip up vocal interpretations of things like a hat or a chair...but her fascination is mostly with hair.

Along with her unusual allure to hairstyles and shapes, Madame Lark has an affectionate and surprisingly accurate interest in replicating the guttural chatter and warblings of the bird calls around us.

Madame Lark is played by multitalented Australian artist Christine Johnston, best known as one third of The Kransky Sisters. She will delight all ages with her harmonious symphony of ridiculousness.

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To help with this, the Out of the Box festival team has prepared numerous Creative Learning Guides which link the in-theatre experiences, activities and workshops at the festival with the Early Years Learning Framework and the Australian Curriculum (Version 8). Key messages, learning activities and other resources are also included.

The Creative Learning Guide for Madame Lark can be downloaded here.

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