Guru Dudu

Guru Dudu takes the silent disco phenomenon to a whole new level with his silent disco walking tours. His funky local tour guides will get you moving and grooving around QPAC and its surrounds.

Grab some headphones (supplied) to hear the hilarious commentary and a dance-mix of uplifting faves from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 00s.

It’s all about opening the ‘laughter meridians and celebrating your creative and quirky selves through spontaneous flash mobs, interpretative dancing, hilarious commentary and lots of crazy improvisation.

Out of the Box festival offers opportunities for children to engage in arts-rich experiences to explore and extend in-class literacy and learning. Teachers can deepen their student’s engagement with and experience of the festival by talking to them about the different in-theatre experiences, workshops and activities before, during and after their day.

To help with this, the Out of the Box festival team has prepared numerous Creative Learning Guides which link the in-theatre experiences, activities and workshops at the festival with the Early Years Learning Framework and the Australian Curriculum (Version 8). Key messages, learning activities and other resources are also included.

The Creative Learning Guide for Guru Dudu's Silent Disco Walking Tour can be downloaded here

Presented by Out of the Box