Flower 꽃

A new performance especially for babies aged 4 to 18 months by Korea’s Theatre Masil and Sally Chance Dance

When Theatre Masil’s Artistic Director, Hyejung Son, saw the world for the first time through the eyes of her baby, she experienced a moment of revelation about how her son was already a complete human being – making choices, expressing preferences and being an agent in his own world. She describes the moment as follows:

“Twelve years ago I encountered a flower in a snowfield. The first year that I became a mother, my 9-month old baby, who didn’t even say ‘mama’, burst out the word ‘flower ’ with his small mouth. How wonderful was it to say ‘flower ’ with all his energy… The feeling beyond description. How could I express this?”

A poignant trans-cultural performance especially for babies aged 4 to 18 months (with their accompanying adults), Flower 꽃  celebrates the complete 'being-ness' of each baby, over-turning the idea that a baby enters the world as a blank slate and offering the view that parents have as much to learn and gain from their baby as their baby learns and gains from them.

This delightful 40-minute dance-theatre work, made in collaboration between Korea’s Theatre Masil and Australia’s Sally Chance Dance, exemplifies leading performance practice with, for and about babies.

Babies have a striking capacity for understanding the emotional tone of live performance, for giving music, dance and theatre their intense, focused concentration and for enjoying abstract images.

Flower  resonates from both cultures and creates a world which speaks across cultures.

Please note: Adult carers are at times actively involved with their babies within the show.


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An Out of The Box Commission
Written by Hyejung Son
Directed by Hyejung Son and Sally Chance
Performed by Eunsil LeeFelecia HickHeather Frahn, and Yun Hye Jin


Presented by QPAC in association with Insite Arts International