Supervision & Safety

The following points may be useful in your briefings for parents and carers regarding supervision and safety precautions.

Supervision and Safety
Festival Staff and Volunteers
  1. Festival staff, artists and volunteers working directly with children hold a current Suitability Card for Child Related Employment (Blue Card). These cards are issued by the Commission for Children and Young People.
  2. Festival staff and volunteers will be identified by their festival t-shirts and security tags.
  3. A Festival Buddy is a volunteer who can provide on-site guidance, meeting you at your arrival point, showing you to the venue and pointing out essential facilities. Teachers can request a Festival Buddy when booking.
Template Letter

Providing parents with thorough information about their child’s excursion to Out of the Box Festival influences their decision to give permission for their child to attend. In light of this, the Out of the Box Festival team has created a sample letter for you to give to parents that outlines accurate information about the festival. This letter will give you the best possible opportunity to seek permission from parents for their child’s attendance at the Festival. Permission slips from parents should be stored in student files as proof of parental permission.

Download Template Letter 

Risk Assessment

A risk assessment report has been conducted by QPAC to the relevant Queensland Codes of Practice. We appreciate that lighting and sound elements are often key to a child's comfort in unfamiliar theatre spaces. Lighting and sound levels – whether recorded or live – will be at appropriate levels for a young audience.

Download Risk Assessment (Last updated 21.03.18)