Our Team

The 2018 Out of the Box Festival is created by an amazing group of dedicated people.

They pull together five days of cultural activity that celebrates and supports learning, play, curiosity and discovery for children and their families as they learn and grow together. Out of the Box acknowledges and celebrates the value and importance of the arts in education and life-learning.

Our team

Meet our team

John Kotzas

Katrina Torenbeek

Professor Judith McLean

Festival Designer: Josh McIntosh

Senior Producer: Jenny Hodgson

Producer: Paul Dellit

Producer: Adam Gardnir

Producer: Sally McRae

Producer: Nadine McDonald-Dowd

Producer: Brendan Ross

Associate Producer: Alex Rozynski

Exhibition Manager: Maria Cleary

Festival Administrator: En Rui Foo

Annette Box
Lucy Flook
Juliana Guinane
Jacinta Lisec

Technical Producer: Graham Menzies

Production Manager: Leila Maraun

Production Coordinator: Mitchell Cooley

Nicola Jones

Brodie Peace

Senior Campaign Coordinator: Eleanor Price, Andrea Huynh

Graphic Designer: Liz Wilson

Senior Advertising Coordinator: Judy Worsfold

Digital Marketing Manager: Kim Harper

Senior Digital Marketing Coordinator: Katrin Potthast

Senior Web Developer: Roger Leong

Web Developer: Ben Wong

Web Developer: Shaun Shatkovsky


Director – Communications and Marketing: Angela Slater

Strategic Communications Officer: Emily Philip

Publicity Manager: Cindy Ullrich

Ticketing & Client Services Manager: Robyn Gander

Senior Group Sales Coordinator: Jan Murphy

Development Manager: Toni Palmer
Development Coordinator: Kevin Chau
Development Administrative Assistant: Anne-Maree Jaggs

Manager: Patron Services: Kim Davis 

Health and Safety Officer: Andrew Fisk 

Front of House Services Manager: Tracey Nicklin 

Queensland Performing Arts Centre

Professor Peter Coaldrake AO, Chair

Ms Leigh Tabrett PSM, Deputy Chair

Mr Dare Power

Susan Rix AM

Ms Leanne de Souza

Chief Executive: John Kotzas

Executive Director - Visitation: Roxanne Hopkins

Executive Director - Business Performance: Kieron Roost

Executive Director - Stakeholder Engagement Strategy: Jackie Branch

Acting Executive Director - Curatorial: Bill Jessop

Director - Programming: John Glenn

Acting Director - Operations: Chris Philippi

Director - Human Resources and Safety: Alicia Dodds

Director - Public Engagement and Learning: Rebecca Lamoin

Director - Finance and Business: Michael Stout

Director - Communications and Marketing: Angela Slater