Festival Director - Brett Howe

"The whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts" – Aristotle

Interconnections. The firing of more tiny synapsis than there are stars in the sky. Little people exploring and extending their imagination, movements and thoughts with parents, educators, family, community and nation. Our shared aim is for children to interconnect feelings and bodies, languages and souls, integrating diverse cultural experiences to interconnect with their everyday lives. Providing the space for these interconnections is at the heart of Out of the Box festival 2018.

Brett Howe

Out of the Box festival 2018 explores the idea that we are all interconnected with the many cultures that make-up our communities. It considers how we might retain our identity while also embracing new beliefs or ideas.

Programs are embedded throughout the festival that acknowledges the living cultures of our first peoples. We also recognise the many other cultures that make up contemporary Australia. In light of this plurality, the festival asks children to question who we are as a nation, where we belong and how we interconnect with Australians new and old.

In curating the festival, as always, we take a particularly child centered approach and use the formative languages of children - imagination, movement and music - to bring you the program.

Children will discover rich physical works in our theatres, underpinned with evocative musical compositions.

They'll dance like no one is watching, or like everyone is watching.

They'll feel the freedom of expression that comes with a good old fashioned boogie.

They'll explore songs and dances and be immersed in what "culture" means for todays' child by our elders in training - young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.

They'll take a journey, an exploration into the known and unknown and explore new places, ideas, feelings and cultures.

And, as we move from one place to another, one idea to another and one person to another, each festival experience builds on the last, interconnecting us, with artists, children, educators, family and friends.

These are the interconnections Out of the Box festival 2018.