A few words about us

Out of the Box is a biennial Festival for children eight years and under, held at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC).

It includes cultural activity crafted to celebrate and support learning, play, curiosity and discovery for children and their families as they learn and grow together. Out of the Box acknowledges and celebrates the value and importance of the arts in education and life-learning.

The Festival takes pride in its history as a national leader in programming for young children, nurturing children's creativity and imagination.

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Our Guiding Principles

Out of the Box Festival creates rich, creative learning opportunities for children under eight. It is guided by these core principles:

Art and Learning

Meaningful arts experiences in early childhood aids physical, cognitive, linguistic, social and emotional development. Participating in art and creative activity can have life-long impact, developing intrinsic human qualities, such as creativity, expression, identity, culture and imagination.

The Civic Child

Children are valuable, thoughtful and insightful members of society who make meaningful contributions to civic life. They help shape our culture now and for the future..

Child Experts

Children are central to Out of the Box. They generate ideas and give us feedback on our thoughts, assumptions and programs.


Children journey through different stages of development and artistic literacy. Out of the Box festival is curated to align with the developmental, emotional and creative capacities of children under eight.

Watch, Think and Do

Children are whole body learners and find the most value in active participation in creative processes. ‘Doing’ is a central component of Out of the Box festival programs.

All the Arts

The arts vocabulary of children crosses multiple forms and genres. Out of the Box works with artists from a diversity of disciplines and creates opportunities across a variety of artistic practices.

Our Team

John Kotzas

QPAC, Chief Executive

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Professor Judith McLean

Scholar in Residence

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